Blodgett Mobile Garden Cart

Reclaimed Push-cart, Plexi-glass, Acrylic Paint, 44” x  36” x 26”, 2010

In cooperation with the Marion Wilson's Urban Garden Project, the 2nd and 3rd grade students of Blodgett's Say Yes to Education Summer Camp created a fully mobile garden cart for the 601 Tully Community Garden. Over the course of four weeks, 13 students sanded, painted, and decorated a functional garden space capable of housing 22 separate plants provided by the Kindergarten Gardening Class. The cart is equipped with 3 reversible Plexiglass panels designed to display student artwork while other surfaces have been transformed into chalkboards to allow for tailored decorations. The project was designed by John Cardone who, with his teaching partner Cille Muhlberg, oversaw it's collaborative construction.