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A collaboration between James Redenbaugh and John Cardone - Syracuse NY, 2012

Inter was a seven-day collaboration between two artists and the residents of Syracuse's Near West Side where the artists lived and worked for the duration of the project. The artists arrived on site with no supplies or materials of any kind. They had no money, no phones, no computers, and no way of contacting the outside world (except to add daily updates to the show's website). Through face-to-face interactions, they established networks and infrastructures built solely on human capital. Armed only with a guitar and a drum, and a video camera, the artists had exactly one week – 168 hours – to install an entire body of work in and around the gallery at 601 Tully. However,  their ability to make work necessarily depended on the generosity and participation of their neighbors on the Near west Side. On the 168th hour of installation, the show was opened to the public and remained on display until Saturday, April 28th, 2012. 

The project is an examination of the potential of human generosity and intent, as well as an exploration of the complexities of the pre-existing communities on the Near West Side.