Loss of Innocents

Loss of Innocents - 28” x 14” x 12”, Salvaged Black Walnut, Pine, Brass, Re-cast Plastic, 2010

“As a child I could slaughter two hundred plastic soldiers in less than half an hour. In approximately five minutes I could set them back up and do it all over again. For their deaths I was to blame, but for their lives I was not responsible.”

This custom hand-made toy set is a variation of the ubiquitous Bag of Plastic Army Men. Instead of the familiar “200 Piece Set” equipped for battle, “Loss of Innocents” is comprised of forty-two hand-altered figurines equipped for a military funeral. The entire diorama takes place inside a hand-made toy box which doubles as casket. Both the box and the set are meant to be used as toys so that the owner may finally realize the consequences of his actions and take responsibility for the live in his control. At last he will be able to finish what he started by burying his fallen soldiers and his childish notions of death along with them.