Poplar Memory

Poplar Memory - 66"x66"x12" - Video Projection on Poplar Flitches with Audio

Poplar Memory is an installation designed to evoke memories of youth and adolescence. Four large sidecuts of Tulip Poplar, each the size of an adult human, stand huddled together in the back of a dark room while a 10-minute video loop is projected onto their bark. The video depicts a living poplar tree, towering above the viewer's head, from which hangs a tire swing, gently oscillating, as it were, over the viewers nose as he/she looks up at the tree. The tire swing starts almost at a standstill and then begins swaying, picking up speed and momentum with each pass, until it reaches a crescendo and then slows again to the start in a continuous loop. Peaking through a crack from behind the standing logs, one sees the clothes of two young people whose past has been touched by the tree and swing.