Build Your City

LEGO-Cuse: Build Your City - a collaborative city planning experiment - Syracuse, NY

In a playful effort to engage citizens in a dialogue about city planning, LEGO-Cuse proposes to erect scaled model of the city's downtown, constructed entirely from LEGO, which passers by would encouraged to reconfigure into the city of their dreams. The model will occupy a well-trafficked central public space, such as shopping mall or municipal building in order to guarantee maximum exposure and subsequent reconfiguration. In addition the the constructed model of the existing city, the installation will also include large containers of spare pieces so that participants may exercise creative freedom while reimagining and reconstructing the city they live in. As the model changes over time, all modifications will be rigorously documented through time-lapse photography. Accessible to all ages and social groups, the resulting evolution of the LEGO model will serve as a crowd-sourced document describing the city we wish to live in.

Although LEGO-Cuse was first proposed at the SALT City Dishes fundraising dinner of 2014 in Syracuse, NY, the project remains unrealized and continues to search for a home in any city that will host it. 

LEGO-Cuse was conceived by Stacey Lindbloom, Jason Foggie, and John Cardone.