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Ensuring that systems serve people, not the other way around.


John Cardone is a dynamic speaker known for his ability to synthesize large and complex ideas into intelligible and actionable insights. With a mind for systems, an eye for design, and a heart for humans, John empowers audiences to understand their situations and take charge of their futures. Prior to his work in Human Centered Design, John co-founded a web design company, taught a college course on urbanism, made public art, and studied cultural identity in Dakar, Senegal. 

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Futurist Philly: a local take on the next 20 years

The world will change more in the next 20 years than in the past 300 years. Exponential technologies will produce waves of change, some good, others not so good. How will Philadelphia ride those waves? Will we drive change, or will we be driven by it?

A Human-Centered Future: the ethics of technological progress

As we increasingly delegate our work to machines, how can we make sure that we don’t also delegate our humanity? Decision making, education, leadership, justice – without innovation at the human level, these too will fall to the algorithm.



Introduction to Design Thinking

As the tech-driven economy shifts beneath our feet, adaptability and empathy become keys to sustained business success. Design Thinking is transforming the way businesses develop products, processes, and strategy by putting humans back into the center of our everything we do. (Talk or 2 hour Workshop)

Human-Centered Thinking & Design For Social Impact

How can we innovate in a non-profit paradigm? By combining the principles of Human-Centered Design and Systems Thinking, we can develop scalable, sustainable, and meaningful solutions that benefit the entire ecosystem, without sacrificing public wellbeing. (Talk or 2 hour Workshop)


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