John is one of the easiest people I know to work with. Aside from his very calm and understanding presence, he is whip-smart. He picks up on what we are talking about immediately, and very quickly has an idea or a possible solution to a problem. His design sense is impeccable, modern and high-level. He understands not only the front end design of a website or a program, but he also totally understands how the backend has to work in order for the desired result to become realize. He is a whiz-kid to me. I really love working with him.
Tom Bershad
Founder of Next Level Advisors and
John is a creative problem-solver and a thoughtful visionary whose interests and experience go way beyond Being Design's deliverables. This makes him an ideal advisor and vendor to ventures like ours, which have to balance high ideals regarding the human condition with practical solutions in the actual world in which we operate. John is humble and not self-promoting. He takes my deadlines seriously, looks for the most elegant solution, and is as cost-conscious as if he were on my own staff. In fact, that's exactly how I consider him when we're working on a project: part of my team.
Greg Robison
Executive Director, The Meditatio Foundation